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Hello the black and tan jack russell called tyson might be my dog could u get in contact with me please

Hello,our family is looking for a little dog to be our first pet. My husband and I have a 5 year old son and we live in longford. please give us a message if you have one available. We will be very happy to have one.

Hi , we are a family that has rehomed 2 dogs a few years ago , unforunately we lost our lovely sussie to old age a few months back . But to be honest she had a great 2nd half to her life and loved sleeping in between my wife and i at night time . We are looking to rehome another dog , preferably small and over 2 years old . Please email us if any dogs are available that would suit us . Thanks in advance, Denis . p.s we are living in cork but willing to travel to collect for rehoming . Contact Denis 0872986951

Hi Alexandra, Just wanted to say thank you very much for posting the picture of Nell, along with my description of her. Very much appreciated. All the best, Rhoda May

Hi Alexandra, I posted earlier about rehoming a dog, wondering if the stray no 344 still needs a home now? Beautiful dog, thanks

Stray ref no 48: Hi there, if this dog is still looking for a home, we would be interested. We are looking for a family dog & he looks perfect! Thanks

Hi Alexandra, I wonder if Murph is still looking for a home ? We had a wonderful Japanese Spitz for 12 years and we've been pining since she left us last year.

I love this dog how do I get to him

Mail us

This is our dog bear

Or where on the website do I find one?

Hi how do I fill out an adoption form?

Hi Alexandra you have a post up of a jack Russell you found on the 10th of July it looks to be my dog ringo is his name he was lost on the 9th of July in killinarden could you advise if you still have the dog or where is maybe even

Hi Alexandra that appears to be my dog in that picture. I've been told she in Batterstown but nobody will tell mw any more information

Hi I c you found my dog how do I contact u about him .

Hi Alexander- I know its a long shot given the distance and the time but does the brown terrier in the dublin pound, found yesterday on the 4th of April, match the discription of Mr.Bear lost from Kenmare last year? Thanks, Stefanie

Hi Alexandra, My am and Brother lost an Alaskan Malamute like this one almost two weeks ago. They're in meath but I know it's a longshot but could you contact my mum? I'm in UK. They're so distraught over losing him. Her names Patricia +353 (86) 879 2113 Thank you so much Clare

Hi Alexandra the brindle and white terrier found in Tallaght on the 3-Nov-15 is my Dog Clio she is a very friendly dog . She is loosing her coat to her sides and has a very distinct white patch on her chest and paw

HI Alexandra, the gsd found on the 14th May in Tallaght looks like it's our family dog, which went missing a few weeks ago. Can you contact me (0868669969 or 0867742385) or give me a phone number that I can contact you on to arrange to go see the dog to be sure if it's ours?

Hi Alexandra our golden lab retriver went missing on may 18 his name is Sam he is our family dog . We have it posted on ispca web site also

Ref 63. If this dog is not claimed and is fully house trained I can give her a home. Many thanks.

The terrier you found in main street taillight is a lovely dog !how old is he?I would love to give him a home if you are unable to find his owners.

Hya Mandamary..sorry for the late response. Could you give me the link to your lost dog ? and the link to the dog you are referencing against ?

Hi just double checking the date of the black dog on your site,i lost mine on wed the 17th is it possible the date could be wrong. he looks like mine but not a great picture. has this dog a white marking on his foot in the picture?? were desperate to find ours, he is a lab x with a white marking on his chest

Thanks for responding re Shadow, unfortunately the dog posted look similar, but its not her :(

Hello Dorota, I am not sure if the dog has black spots...i took the photo from the pound web site.. please check with the pound to see if it is your dog...

Welcome. This is my dog !!! Please contact any !!! Already I am looking for 2 weeks:-(If this has black spots, dots wheel of the penis is my dog !!! my nr 0894150051 dorota

Alexandra, Omitted to add Ref no 161 regarding dog, Regards, Paul,

Hello Alexandra, My name is Paul Lynch 32 Herbert Place,Navan, this dog is mine and I lost him 12/03 while out walking in Black Castle Est, Slane Rd, my home ph no 9021708, I will contact you today, Regards, Paul,

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