Stray Dog, Can’t Foster – What To Do?

Always remember Irish law states by finding a stray dog and failing to do any of the following makes you liable for a fine:

(a) Return the dog to its owner
(b) Deliver the dog to a warden
(c) Detain the dog without giving details about the animal or location where it was found to the nearest Garda Siochanna Station.
(d) Failing to deliver a stray dog that you seized, which could be harmful to livestock.

Of course we all would like (a) but it’s easier said than done(!) and stray dogs picked up by the warden are kept for just five days.

Is there any interest in a Stray Spotting section for where you can post photos and descriptions of stray dogs seen? Not everyone has the luxury of taking the stray in for fostering.

Maybe we can get an iPhone program made for us where all you have to do is take a picture of a stray while you are out and it gets posted automatically with exact location details taken from the iPhone satellite navigation. is updated in real time so if the owner spots their dog posted to the stray section they can make a dash to the location.

Majority of people choose to ignore stray dogs but what if you could help reunite the owner by simply taking a picture with your iPhone? What’s your opinion?

4 Responses to “Stray Dog, Can’t Foster – What To Do?”

  1. Lisa says:

    Do many people have iphones in Ireland? It’s a good idea but how many people would use it. Unless the site was international… I’m sure it would cost you a fortune to get it developed as well. I think you need to add in some more basic features to the site first. A search bar would be great and an RSS feed for the new dogs posted.

  2. Puppy says:

    Thanks for the feedback Lisa. Maybe we are getting to far ahead of ourselves! Search functionality and feeds are top of our todo list.

  3. Reggie says:

    Hi there! I’ve been using twitter for a little while now and I’m very impressed (I’m a low tech person so being impressed is a sign of how easily I could get the hang of it!!). It could be a very useful tool in this application. I can email photos with a message from my basic mobile phone directly to my twitter (twitpic email address). Possible uses: uploading photos of lost dog posters and stray dogs while out and about, follow on twitter and never miss any new posting to this site. What does anyone think?

  4. Puppy says:

    Hi Reggie. Simply emailing the photo from the phone would be very easy for most people. As more people join twitter it’s a fantastic platform for staying up to date. So many ideas!!

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