The number of stolen dogs has been making the headlines recently. In some cases they are being stolen to breed – to make quick money.

Unfortunately, this is not something new. As far back as 2010 dog owners have been contacting letting us know that their dogs have been stolen.

The gardai have been doing a great job in recovering some stolen dogs. It is so important to have a dog microchipped as it makes the job easy for the gardai to return a recovered stolen dog.
Crime Prevention Officer Sergeant Ber Leetch  on August 5th stated that if you buy a dog – the microchipped details of the previous owner should be updated to the new owner. He also suggests that the owner’s name and contact number should be put on the dog collar – in order to facilitate the quick return of the dog – if he has just wandered off. The whole world is a village when it comes to children and maybe we could also look out for neighbours dogs to ensure they are safe.

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