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How Do I Upload or Submit a Dog to the Front Page?

Sunday, March 29th, 2009

To upload/submit your dog to the site, follow these steps:

At the top right side of each page is the LOGIN or REGISTER form. You must first register on the site to upload a dog.


  • On the REGISTER form, click on the username box. Type your desired username (must be longer than four letters and be a single word with no spaces e.g. billybob).


  • Next, click on the email box and type your email address (this must be a valid email address).


  • Now click on the password box and type your desired password.


  • Check the box confirming you agree to the terms and conditions of using the site.


  • Finally, click on the REGISTER button.


  • Now you are registered with, you can upload/submit your dog.
  • Click on the SUBMIT link from the main menu.


  • Once on the UPLOAD DOG page, type in the details. If you have a photo, click browse and browse your computer for the photo.
  • When all details have been entered, click on the SUBMIT button.

Note: If you have selected a photo, please be patient once you click on the SUBMIT button. A large photo may take several minutes to upload.

Your dog will immediately be posted to the front page of

Post Photos of Lost and Found Dogs and Reunite Dogs with Owners

Friday, March 20th, 2009


Hi there, you are very welcome to the website and thanks for visiting. Some of you have been asking what this site is all about and I’m pleased to say it’s a really simple idea!


If you have lost or found a dog, you can upload it to this site right now. No waiting around, your post will appear on the site immediately. Start by registering through the form on the top-right of the page. It’s a completely free service to use and all you need is an email address (your email address is always kept private). Once you have registered, click on the submit button and type in the information required. Obviously, if you have a picture this will help immensely but you don’t need to have one.


Now, people have asked should they post their Phone Number. Personally, I would not do this due to the potential for prank calls. I know you are anxious to be contacted but if someone does recognise the dog you have submitted to, they will leave a comment or post a private message to you. The website will email you when this happens.


Also, do you have a beautiful photo of your dog? Why not share it with the community. Submit your photo to the Gallery and bring a smile to everyone :) If somebody’s picture is incredibly cute or funny, post a comment or private message to show your appreciation!


This site is new, launched March 2009 and we would love to hear any feedback or new features you would like to see. Email us or use the online contact form here.

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