Huge €1000 Reward for Safe Return of Lost St Bernard Dog in Wicklow South West Area

September 2nd, 2009 member John Deegan has posted a huge offer of €1000 for the return of his St Bernard Dog Lance. An obviously distraught John, pictured here in happier times with his St Bernard Pack, is a huge animal lover and is desperate to get Lance back home.

Read more about Lance’s details here

Every lost dog is equally important but this €1000 reward offer is a huge leap. I hope the success stories found on the dogs reunited page keep your spirits and hopes up!

Daniel – volunteer admin at

August 31st, 2009

Daniel – just to wish you well tomorrow on your return to primary school teaching and to thank you for all your great work on the site during July and August.

From Cathy and Simon on the TV!

August 16th, 2009

Stumbled upon a youtube video today for a nice surprise. Maeve Kneafsey from reviewed our website on TV3’s IrelandAM and both Maeve and Mark Cagney have very nice words to say about it.

Thanks Maeve and Mark!

The Bermuda Triangle of Dogs

July 3rd, 2009

Up to 70 dogs have gone missing from the Dodder Valley Park in Firhouse Dublin this year reports RTE’s Samantha Libreri.

The Pedigree dogs are stolen under your nose explains Tara Sinnott as her beautiful Holly was stolen while walking in the park.
Pet detective Robert Kennedy says 70 pedigree dogs have gone missing from the park and calls it “The Bermuda Triangle” of dogs.

Where are these stolen dogs sold and who is buying them?

585 missing dogs have been reported to the DSPCA this year and they call for dog micro-chipping to be made compulsory.

RTE Nationwide – Financial Pressure on Dog Sanctuaries

June 10th, 2009

In case you missed it on television tonight, an excellent show is available until July on the RTE Player for all dog lovers.
Click here for the RTE Nationwide Dog Show.

Mary Kennedy, presenter of Nationwide, talks to many of the wonderful volunteers over Ireland about how the dog sanctuaries are coping through the recession. A must see!

Washing Machine For Dogs – The Dog-O-Matic

May 19th, 2009

For all the lazy dogs owners out there, here is the latest invention by Romain Jarry. A dog washing machine I kid you not!

The poor dog looks petrified (but clean).

TV3 Tonight: Pedigree Dogs – The Shocking Truth

May 18th, 2009

9 pm tonight on TV3 (18th May)

“Pedigree Dogs: the Shocking Truth lifts the lid on the true extent of health and welfare problems in pedigree dogs in the UK. Seventy-five per cent of the seven million dogs in the UK are pedigrees, and they cost their owners over £10m in vet fees every week. This in-depth investigation suggests they are in serious trouble, plagued by genetic disease due to decades of inbreeding. They are also suffering acute problems because of the showring’s emphasis on looks over and above function and health.”

I’ll be watching this!

Stray Dog, Can’t Foster – What To Do?

May 16th, 2009

Always remember Irish law states by finding a stray dog and failing to do any of the following makes you liable for a fine:

(a) Return the dog to its owner
(b) Deliver the dog to a warden
(c) Detain the dog without giving details about the animal or location where it was found to the nearest Garda Siochanna Station.
(d) Failing to deliver a stray dog that you seized, which could be harmful to livestock.

Of course we all would like (a) but it’s easier said than done(!) and stray dogs picked up by the warden are kept for just five days.

Is there any interest in a Stray Spotting section for where you can post photos and descriptions of stray dogs seen? Not everyone has the luxury of taking the stray in for fostering.

Maybe we can get an iPhone program made for us where all you have to do is take a picture of a stray while you are out and it gets posted automatically with exact location details taken from the iPhone satellite navigation. is updated in real time so if the owner spots their dog posted to the stray section they can make a dash to the location.

Majority of people choose to ignore stray dogs but what if you could help reunite the owner by simply taking a picture with your iPhone? What’s your opinion? being re-homed

May 12th, 2009

We are in the process of being re-homed to a new hosting company. (For obvious reasons to anyone who has tried to visit the site for the past few days!). Thanks so much for all your emails and it’s great to be back :)


Irish Animal Welfare Legislation

May 6th, 2009

Reggie Quinn, a volunteer for the GalwaySPCA has kindly submitted the following article. You can visit the GalwaySPCA site at Reggie also runs and can be contacted through this page

“Last July, the Department of Agriculture received many submissions from interested groups and individuals on how Irish Animal Welfare Legislation could be improved. One of those submissions was from myself, a dog owner, student and volunteer with Galway SPCA. I proposed, amongst other things, to modernise the Dog Licence. As there is no incentive at the moment to buy a Licence other than to avoid a fine, I thought it could be made to work harder for the dog owner by making use of modern technology.”

“I proposed that each registered dog would have an accurate description (unique features to aid identification) complete with photograph and owner’s contact information stored on a secure online database. This would make it easier for authorised persons to search these records in the event that a dog is found and help to re-unite dog with owner. Animal Welfare Organisations would be able to differentiate stray from abandoned dogs immediately so that their resources could go towards the care and re-homing of abused and unwanted dogs.”

“On the other hand, if a registered dog were to go missing the owner could alert the database, either online or via a National Lost Dog Hotline. This would flag the dog’s record as ‘missing’ to all concerned, nationwide. A lost dog poster would be automatically generated for the owner using the stored details. Participants could opt to become part of a National Dog Owners’ Network and receive lost dog text alerts in their area, thereby increasing the chances of a lost dog being found and returned to its original home.”

“Dog owners could have other incentives to register their dogs, for example, to avail of a membership card with access to discounted veterinary treatments, accessories etc., negotiated on their behalf. Each online record may also include information about the dog’s past veterinary treatments, vaccinations, and whether they are up to date, to aid veterinary practices. It may also be helpful to show any other databases the dog’s details may be recorded on for example, the national microchip database, ANIMARK.”

“My hope is that whatever the Animal Welfare Bill brings this summer, that it shows Ireland to be a country that cares for all animals and that its policy of killing unwanted dogs is cast into the archives for good.”

Many thanks to Reggie for this news contribution. Do you have dog related news, a story or tip you wish to share? Email us or use the online contact form here.

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